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Progressive divider blocks supply lubricant to the various lubrication points – one after the other – in accordance with the requirements of each one of the lube points. The progressive distribution system feeds lubricant, provided by the pump, with high accuracy and reliability, in pre-engineered output volumes, to the outlets of the divider valve. Progressive means all lube points will be connected with the pump outlet – each on turn, without the possibility of skipping or double-feeding any one of the lube points.

The highest pressure the pump is built for will only be required on demand to overcome an accidental over pressure of the distribution system : lube point hard to feed, crushed tubing, hardened lubricant, …

The progressive distribution system also offers positive monitoring of the lubrication action by means of a cycle indicator and/or – switch. The proprietary operation principle of progressive feeder blocks implicates that a lube point will only get its own lubricant after the preceding plunger of the lube block changed position – what will happen in so far this latter plunger outlet accepted its proper lubricant volume. When all lube points have been given their output volume, the feeder has completed a full cycle as well as the indicator or switch.

Progressive feeders can be connected “in series” : a feeder outlet may be connected to a “next level” feeder. The higher level feeder (connected to the pump) is then called “master feeder” (or “primary”), while the next level will be the “secondary feeder”.

Usually the master feeder will be equipped with a cycle monitoring device. Pressure indicators are usually located in the alternate outlets – located on the front of the valve – of the master feeder to show up when a fault situation (high pressure) appears downstream of that location. This eases the problem solving.

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