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Progressive dividers



Divider blocks supply lubricant to the lube points in accordance with the requirements of each point. A divider block divides lubricant provided by the pump in pre-engineered output volumes to the lube points.


Progressive means each lube point will be connected with the pump outlet on its turn. Therefore it is impossible to skip or overfeed any one of the lube points.


Dividers can be connected “in series” : a feeder outlet may be connected to a next level feeder. The first level feeder connected to the pump) is then called master or primary feeder while the next level will be the “secondary feeder”.


Maximum pump pressure will only be required on demand to overcome an accidental overpressure of the distribution system. For instance a hard to feed lube point or deformed tubing.


Positive monitoring of the lubrication action is important. For instance, a cycle indicator or switch is used.  When all lube points have been given their output volume, the feeder has completed a full cycle as well as the indicator or switch.

Usually the master feeder will be equipped with a cycle monitoring device. Pressure indicators are located in the alternate outlets on the front of the divider. They will show up when an overpressure appears downstream of that location. This eases the problem solving.



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