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LIONOIL has experience with a wide range of machines and lubricants across different industries. Together with our customers, we have obtained a significant reduce in lubricant consumption. The main profit is the optimization of production thanks to a perfect lubrication. The centralized lubrication system has reduced breakdowns and maintenance costs of their machinery.

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We at LIONOIL engineer our lubrication systems in close collaboration with the customer. Our lubrication machinery is custom-made according to the industry standards.

The main profit is the optimization of production thanks to a perfect lubrication.

  • Lubrication systems
  • Applications
  • Full monitoring
  • Service and schooling

Every application deserves its proper lubrication. We at LIONOIL engineer all type of lubrication systems ranging from compact oil, grease or oil-air lubrication systems to turnkey systems with over 1800 lube points with one pump and one lubricant.

For each application ranging from simple manual lubrication to fully monitoring of each lubrication point we offer a specific solution for your need.

LIONOIL has already a long experience with all types of machinery. We developed lubrication systems for waste treatment plants, furnaces, cement kilns, escalators, dies, reciprocating compressors, bridges and flood gates. These are only a few of many applications LIONOIL has engineered, assembled and installed all over the world.

By the nature of its design, the full monitoring of each lubrication point is the biggest advantage of progressive lubrication systems, regardless of the number of points. We have systems with over 1800 points of which each points is monitored. In addition an alarm signal can be provided, both visually and electrically.
Progressive means each lube point is fed after the previous lube point has received its exactly measured dose of lubricant. When one point is blocked, In case of a malfunctioning of the system or your machinery it won’t go unnoticed thanks to visual indicators and / or electrical monitoring which triggers the alarm. The cause will be found quickly and can be resolved before further (costly) damage occurs.

Thanks to our long experience, we can guarantee an excellent service. Our engineers are ready to listen to your wishes and concerns and offer a tailor made solution which will last for years.
For engineering, assembly, installation maintenance of your lubrication system – regardless of the make – you can rely on LIONOIL


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Starting 1924, the van Leeuw family started a blending plant for motor and industrial oils. The company grew quickly and the blending plant was located at the south of Antwerp. During the golden 50’s, the decision was taken to develop centralized lubrication systems for the industry. This decision proved to be the right one, as it is still the most important at LIONOIL, and known under the SYSTEMS category.

Over the years, a solid reputation was built in the field of metalworking products, thanks to the addition of the Master Chemical state-of-the-art cutting fluids.

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The industrial experience contributed to appoint us in 1948 as distributors for the HANSEN quick connective couplings. In 1989, we became the CPC synthetic quick couplings distributors. These products, together with the Hylomar jointing compound and the optical inspection material Allen are grouped under PARTS.

The SERVICE division is our main asset. We maintain all the lubrication systems, provide schoolings and provide responses to your questions.

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