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  • Automatic lubrication - Annealing & pickling line

    Aperam Genk, manufacturer of high quality stainless steel, invested 200 million in its plant. This included a new annealing and pickling line, turning 24/7 and optimized for minimum maintenance.
    Lionoil provided a fully automated lubrication system for the furnace rolls with complete monitoring of each point.

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  • Grease lubrication - Screwconveyor
    LIONOIL progressive grease lubrication system on a bulk loading installation. Lubrication system for different screw conveyors and a pivoting arm.
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  • Grease and Oil lubrication - Press

    After former positive experiences, LIONOIL was called upon for the chain, gear and bearing lubrication of a new press.
    Due to the complexity, both a grease and oil lubrication system was installed.

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  • Project Brewery - DUVEL

    In 2014 LIONOIL was contacted by DUVEL regarding their new bottling plant. They had already good experiences with an earlier LIONOIL installation dating from 2003 with over 1800 lube points which reduced maintenance costs and lubricant consumption drastically.

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  • Project brewery - Westmalle

    A complete bottling plant with over 800 lubrication points lubricated with one pump and one lubricant ? It’s right up our alley !
    A well known brewery in Westmalle called upon LIONOIL to engineer, build and install a complete automatic lubrication system.

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  • Compact oil lubrication with pre-cleaning - Chains paper machine

    For a manufacturer of paper, LIONOIL developped a small manual chain lubrication unit.
    It includes a cleaning process,  before lubricating the chains.

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