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LIONOIL GRACO Trabon MXP verdeelblok

GRACO – TRABON MXP progressive dividers

The TRABON MXP progressive dividers are at the heart of our lubrication systems.
In the MXP divider a quantity of lubricant is exactly measured in the metering elements.
Each point is lubricated after the previous has received its dose.

MXP dividers: for complete control and monitoring of each point!

  • Oil- and grease-lubrication
  • Working pressure up to 207 bar
  • 0.41 to 4.92 cc / outlet / cycle
  • Up to 20 points per divider valve
  • O-seal Buna-N or Viton – NPSF or BSPP connections (SAE as option)
  • Integrated check valves – Modular concept
  • Complete control possible

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