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TRICO Opto-matic – Constant level oilers


The TRICO Opto-Matic oiler has been an industry standard for more than 75 years and is installed in millions of plants world-wide. Used to maintain accurate oil levels, the oiler has been utilized as a reliability tool in machine bearing housings.

The Opto-Matic closed system oiler is designed for all types of equipment where a constant level in a housing must be maintained. The closed system design prevents contamination and spillage. The adjustable upper casting allows the oil level to be externally adjusted to the desired level. A 1/8 NPT port is provided for a vent line back to the housing to allow pressure balancing between the oiler and the housing.

Stainless steel models provide long life in corrosive environments in the chemical, pulp and paper, and mining industries.

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