Food grade lubricants


Lubriplate® has a special range of NSF H1 lubricants for food and beverage applications. In the U.S. they are the leader in this sector.

In 2014 LIONOIL became distributor for the Benelux countries and France for LUBRIPLATE® food grade lubricants.

Using Lubriplate H1 food grade lubricants throughout your plant not only provides peace of mind, they can significantly simplify your HACCP program by eliminating lubrication as a potential chemical hazard.

▼ Lubriplate NSF H1 lubricants - overview
  • Trim / Master Fluid Solutions

    Metalworking fluids

  • Trim Microsol 515

    Metalworking fluids

  • Trim Microsol 585 XT

    Metalworking fluids

  • Trim C272

    Metalworking fluids

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