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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

Are you looking for a reliable system and an economic lubrication of your chains and conveyors ? Don’t lose any more time. We have the expertise to lubricate your equipment in a sure, efficient and clean manner. Our systems are used on escalators, paintshops, woodworking machines, quarries, perfume production and an infinite number of production lines. What are you waiting for


MLZ Chain lubricationMLZ – compact chain lubrication

The MLZ oil lubrication is developed especially for lubricating CATERPILLAR chains. It is a simple to install, compact lubrication unit which fits many applications.

  • compact
  • no external signals needed
  • only power the MLZ simultaneously with the chain
  • applicator determines the amount of lubricant applied


OP139 Chain lubricationLOP139 – top-notch chain lubrication

By using a proximity switch, reducing the number of components to the minimum and the rugged stainless steel enclosure, the LOP-139 chain lubricator is one of the most precise and reliable on the market. The LOP-139 lubricates the chain exactly on the wear parts with a minimum of oil consumption.

  • Pulse controlled pneumatic pump
  • Stainless steel enclosure with integrated components
  • Level switch and filler plug with breather
  • 1 to 12 outlets (2nd pump in option)
  • Rugged and reliable pump
  • Compressor lubrication

    Automatic lubrication

  • Escalator lubrication


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