Hansen 600-700

Raccords rapides industriels

HANSEN Quick couplings series 600-700

Hansen 600-700-series quick disconnect couplings were developped for your welding needs. Colored red and green and unique shape to prevent faulty connections. Designed for use in oxyacetylene service but the 600/700 Series can also be used with compressed air and other gases.

  • Industrial quick couplings made of brass
  • Available sizes; 1/8” to 3/8”
  • Pressures up to 104 bar
HANSEN Raccords rapides - série 600/700
  • Hylomar

    Pâte d'étanchéité

  • CPC

    Raccords rapides

  • Hansen

    Raccords rapides industriels

  • Hansen FF

    Raccords rapides industriels

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