Quick couplings or sealants needed?

Looking for a quick coupling for gas or water? Need a liquid gasket? We have it!
Our industrial accessories department includes the full range of CPC and HANSEN quick couplings and sealant from HYLOMAR.


Quick disconnect couplings from CPC and HANSEN offer you a pallet of coupling options for your tube and hose connections. Whether you are looking for hydraulic quick couplings or compressed air couplings, we make the click!

From 1/8 “to 4” tube sizes, with shut-off valve or free passage, versions in various plastics, brass, steel, stainless steel,….

For large quantities, we can guide you through customization, design and production of a customized coupling designed specifically for your application. From simple couplings to complex quick couplings with RFID and power throughput.



Hylomar sealants provides a gas-tight seal. The fluid gasket doesn’t harden, even after years, so the seal remains secure. Available with Aerospace approvals from both Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney.

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  • Hylomar

    Non-setting sealant

  • CPC

    Miniature quick couplings

  • Hansen

    Industrial quick couplings

  • Hansen FF

    Industrial quick couplings

  • Hansen FFCUP

    Industrial quick couplings

  • Hansen HK

    Industrial quick couplings

  • Hansen 600-700

    Industrial quick couplings

  • Hansen 3000/4000/5000/6000

    Industrial quick couplings

  • Hansen GAS-MATE

    Industrial quick couplings

  • Oil containers

    Manual lubrication

  • Grease nipples

    Manual lubrication

  • Oilers and oil windows


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